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Comprehensive wireless networking installation services

Is your business taking advantage of WiFi technology? M3 Technology Consultants is your reliable partner in wireless networking installation services. M3 Technology Consultants provides professional wireless installation services for SMEs, large offices, hotels, and public infrastructures.

Affordable and efficient wireless networking.

We’ll stick to your goals and create the installation strategy based on your planned budget. The installation sets components and infrastructure at standard quality, so service won’t be compromised. We guarantee that you will be able to use your wireless networks within the stipulated time in a excellent working condition.

How we do it?

We always start our installation services with a proper survey. This lets us know how we can plan the installation and the various factors to look out for while installing. It also avoids subsequent failures connecting due to signal interferences and low/no signal areas. Access points are thoroughly placed within the premises, in a non-obtrusive way.

The installation also includes software to use in monitoring wireless activity, plus setting usage and user permissions within the premises.

Contact us to get started with a free IT consultation. We can set up an appointment to introduce you to how our wireless installation service works, and how we can make IT better for you.

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