I want to begin by thanking you for your continued loyalty to M3 Technology Consultants (M3TC) and share some exciting changes being implemented by our company in 2018 in an effort to better serve you and your business. We truly value the trust you place in our company and we look forward to continuing to support you.

Our first announcement is that in 2018 M3TC will change from a T&M billing structure to user-based pricing. This change comes following extensive client feedback and is being implemented to provide a more efficient and predictable billing structure for our clients. We will get a head count of full-time and part-time staff, start with a base user rate, adjust for system complexity, include or exclude desktop support services, account for non-profit status if applicable, and finally adjust for individual custom client requirements. This gives us a per-user price we can charge without any fluctuation in monthly billing. On a quarterly basis, or in the event of a significant staff change, we will ask for a head count and adjust your price accordingly. It can go up or down without penalty. This per-user price is what will set your agreement going forward, with cost additions only coming through customized applications. These might include Microsoft Office 365 licensing, StorageCraft or Datto backup services, spam filtering, etc. These needs vary by client and will be listed as line items on your invoice to best accommodate the needs of your business.

We look forward to implementing our new pricing model in 2018 which we know will simplify our billing structure and costs for our clients. Although our billing structure will be changing, our on-site visits will remain the same, your primary and secondary consultants will remain the same, and our dedication to service quality will always remain our central focus. Our second announcement for 2018 is that we will be adding additional Helpdesk support and dispatchers to increase our responsiveness and assist our consultants, in order to enhance the user experience.

We will reach out to you shortly to schedule a time to discuss how these changes will be implemented within your specific business. You are also welcome to send me your current staff head count and we can get a jump start on the plan revision for you prior to our discussion. You can reach email admin@m3tc.com or call Amanda or Sharon at 703.738.4489 with the information.

Thank you for your continued business and look for an email from me in the next couple weeks.

Joseph Migliozzi

President, M3 Technology Consultants, Inc.