M3TC Enjoys SJGF Adult Field Day!

Let’s Go M3 Megabytes!

Last month, M3 Technology Consultants enjoyed the annual Sweet Julia Grace Foundation Adult Field Day! Our team, M3 Megabytes, was just 1 of 70 teams that competed in 10 games and relays; we were brought back to grade school! We enjoyed the beautiful weather, the cheerful atmosphere, and the new connections with our friendly competitors!

M3TC was thrilled to join hands with the SJGF and contribute to their incredible work. As a game sponsor, we were excited to actively engage with the event, roll our sleeves up, and volunteer our expertise with hula-hoops, potato sacks, and balancing eggs in spoons! The Adult Field Day aims to raise funds for SJGF and awareness of their Mission to help Raindancers~Dance in the Rain!

Thank You!

We sincerely thank the organizers for their hard work, dedication, and vision in bringing this event to life. Their passion and commitment inspires us, and we are honored to stand beside them on this journey. We also extend our gratitude to all the participants, volunteers, and supporters who made this event memorable. Although we did not claim the “King of the Hill” champion title, we enjoyed spending time together, laughing, and making memories! We can’t wait to see everyone again next year!



What is the Sweet Julia Grace Foundation?

The Sweet Julia Grace Foundation’s Mission is to Bless, Celebrate, and Love children who are seriously ill, have special needs, or are currently facing a medical crisis. SJGF grants wishes that brings joy and changes lives, fills in gaps other services are unable to fill, and provides support with day-to-day needs for families going through the unimaginable with their child.

The gifts SJGF provides to these courageous children bring comfort and happiness and oftentimes dramatically improves and changes their lives. The children blessed through SJGF are lovingly given the name RAINDANCERS because, despite the storms they face every day, they have learned to “Dance in the Rain,” just like Julia Grace, the inspiration behind SJGF. SJGF serves Raindancer families in Northern VA between the ages of 0-18.

Take a look at the 2023 Adult Field Day video recap!

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