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Whether you a startup or an expanding company that needs more space or moving to a strategic location, relocation is both heavy and dirty work. The difference between the typical relocation and IT relocation is there is the procedure.

At M3 Technology, we treat IT relocation unique for every client. It differs from many different aspects such as determining which equipment shall stay or move, transferring services like telephony, internet line, and other subscriptions.

For over 10 years of providing swift IT relocation services across different cities and states, M3 Technology has made a proprietary method that effectively helps our clients minimize business downtime, transferred all subscription facilities to the new site, and get back in business the soonest possible way. It takes a team of experts and years of experience to ensure every IT relocation services is successful. Engineers at M3 Technology have been delivering these services countless times and all our clients are happy with the way we take care of the move.

IT Relocation / Network Office Moves the M3 Technology way:

Plan It Out

Every success comes from good planning. At this stage, an employee should be tasked with managing the relocation, preferably a member of your IT department with a strong understanding of your business’ equipment and systems.

We’ve seen IT relocation took over 3 months, a big part of this is due to some services like electrical or phone lines normally take some time to get fully installed. We can drastically lessen the delay by scheduling these services as soon as the layout design for the new office is finished.

Evaluate Company Equipment

Create an inventory of your equipment and the related service agreements with providers. This list will be used to identify leased, damaged, or extraneous equipment that does not need to make the move.

Now is the perfect time to check if any systems require replacements or upgrade. It is recommended to obtain replacements early so that you can have time to test the equipment before the move.

Backup & Protect Your Data

Data security takes on a long dimension during an IT relocation. The relocation itself can result in significant downtime in operations, but it can also be costly if there is no system backup to rely on in case of an emergency.

Your IT teams should back up all critical data and store these backups at a separate location. Also, contact the ISP to schedule a migration to your email and DNS.

And lastly, work with a partner that understands you

Relocating your IT department can be challenging, but by partnering with a reliable managed services provider, like M3 Technology, your company will experience the best move possible. If your team has never needed to relocate before, clearly understanding its potential problems can be challenging.

Creating a business continuity plan that actually addresses your business’s unique needs during the move typically requires an experienced hand. We have helped numerous companies navigate the complexities of their relocations to minimize disruptions in operations and speed up the time of relocation.

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