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Solutions for Mobile Device Management With M3 Technology Consultants

Initiatives for bring your own device (BYOD) and corporate owned, personally enabled (COPE) have flooded organizations’ networks with mobile devices. With hundreds, thousands or more mobile devices to handle, businesses have turned to mobile device management (MDM) solutions. While these solutions are meant to make it easier to manage devices, they sometimes create new challenges of their own.

With IT staff changing roles or leaving organizations, training on your MDM solution can prove to be a waste of time. Considering you cannot leave this part of your business strategy unstaffed, you need a more permanent solution. At M3 Tech, we provide 24/7 expert support for your MDM solutions so you can focus on running your company. 

Why MDM is important

Businesses depend on MDM for more than just mobile device inventory and tracking purposes. MDM often handles the distribution of your enterprise applications or managed access to app stores. Has a user lost a mobile device that hosts sensitive company data? Remote wiping devices using an MDM platform is the only sure way to remove the data before someone accesses it. 



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A mobile device management partner can assist

With your IT staff already spread thin, adding this workload to their duties may result in a poorly managed program. Since today’s enterprise needs are greatly dependent on mobile devices, organizations cannot afford to ignore proper MDM administration. Our trained staff can take the burden off your teams by performing common MDM tasks:

  • Deploying applications
  • Installing agents
  • Configuring devices
  • Building policies
  • Managing the MDM program around the clock 

The intricacies of MDM support

With passwords and passcodes still being popular means of authentication, password policy enforcement is crucial. Rules set up through MDM need to be monitored and regularly validated for their effectiveness. The same can be said for applications. But managing white and blacklists for applications can become a real chore for your employees. Our support service can supplement your team to run an efficient MDM program.

Furthermore, data encryption enforcement or containerized applications are effective means of securing data on-device. However, if your team doesn’t fully understand or properly configure these implementations, they can be useless, costly services. Knowledgeable employees can be very costly to staff year-round. Yet, without the right people on the job to support your MDM program, how can you succeed?

Reliable third-party MDM support with us

By contracting services to support your MDM, not only are costs reduced but you also retain the skills of qualified staff when you need them most. Your staff will come and go, taking valuable knowledge right out the door with them. They also may not be experts in MDM to begin with, meaning your program will not be as effective as it should be.

What about when key personnel call in sick? With our third-party support, assistance is there when you need it. Issues with your MDM platform or unforeseen failures won’t bring your organization to a grinding halt.

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