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Teamwork and collaboration makes businesses successful.

Teamwork makes everything easier.  M3 Technology Consultants support companies in Mclean, VA with Microsoft Office 365 migration, the ultimate investment in a teamwork platform.  Our team of experts provide services that ensure that your migration to Office 365 is handled seamlessly and efficiently, while avoiding and troubleshooting the problems that can occur with your transition to a cloud solution.

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Moving to Office 365 is the best investment you’ll make.

Through the years, Microsoft Office has been at the foundation of many great teamwork projects. Office Excel is a great tool for complex calculations in the financial industry, while PowerPoint is best for presentation, and Word is for formal and informal writing. Every application in the Microsoft Office suite is useful and powerful of its own. This is why Microsoft continues to push the boundaries of Office.

When Microsoft integrated the backbone of the MS Office Suite to the cloud, the business world went crazy! Anyone on the team can now make edits, post notes, write, present, etc. in real-time, no matter where you are in the world. Since Office 365 uses layers of security and authentication, all your projects are secured. Office 365 also allows you to give access to a specific person in the team, or set modify permission. Isn’t that great!

However, just like any migration, it comes with challenges. Moving you and your employees’ accounts, documents, and files to the new Office 365 is not a plug and play scenario. You need an expert to do the migration. M3 Technolgy Consultants has your back.

To handle any problems you might face while launching your cloud solution, M3 Technolgy Consultants covers the full scope of Office 365 services, from the ground up.


More and more companies are transitioning from traditional storage into cloud services. Once you decide to take this path, we have your back from start to finish. Our Office 365 consultants will make your cloud service decision come to life. We provide both planning and technical assistance, depending on your current needs.


Every subscription plan comes with a budget. We are here to help you with selecting just the right Office 365 subscription plan suitable for your budget, existing infrastructure, and collaboration scope. This includes the implementation of the suite in line with the Microsoft requirements and setting up an efficient cloud solution.


Our team of experts supports options to make sure you’re in sync with the platform updates, enabling Office 365 newest features, extending your solution with custom functionality, and preventing your clouds from experiencing any turbulence.

In today’s data-driven business world, migrating to Office 365 is every business’s dream. Businesses are consistently increasing their production by utilizing two of the most powerful technologies in the world, collaboration and cloud storage.

Our engineering team has successfully delivered migration projects for companies big and small. We have also served government, financial, education, healthcare and enterprise institutions.

Call us today, and make the leap to success with Microsoft Office 365.

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