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M3 Technology Consultants is the leading Managed Security Services provider (MSSP) in the McLean, VA area. As an MSSP company, we have the required knowledge, expertise, and capacity to get your business’s security management off your plate, giving you peace of mind and more time to focus on the success of your business. If you are in need of a managed security services company, contact us today.

Why You Need a Managed Security Services Provider 

In 2019, data breaches exposed nearly 165 million sensitive records. All kinds of IT devices were attacked, including Windows and Apple computers, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices.
Experts foresee further escalation of cybercrime driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and more sophisticated cybercriminals, reaching $6 trillion annually by next year.
According to the SBA, small and mid-sized companies are prime targets, with over half of small businesses becoming victims. And 60% of the victims don’t survive an attack. The average cost to SMBs skyrocketed from $8,600 per episode in 2013 to almost $21,600 today. Criminals hit some organizations multiple times, repeatedly targeting them in efforts to steal their customers’ and employees’ personal information, spy on their business secrets or merely drain their bank accounts.
Like many victims, you might think you’re already protected. There are several reasons why this may not be true. One of the biggest is that traditional antivirus tools, many of which are still in use, were designed for simpler times when there were only a few kinds of malware threats. Today, there are at least nine types, including ransomware (the most notorious), that aren’t detected by traditional AV software and legacy tools.
With cyberattacks skyrocketing worldwide, it may be a good time for you to ask an IT professional from M3 Technology Consultants to complete a basic security check to see if your security protections are working correctly. 


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How an MSSP can help

Increasingly, many security and risk managers are turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to manage their IT security programs. Businesses are engaging with MSSPs like to help them get better protection and value, cope with scarce resources, address complex technical issues, and keep abreast of the constantly shifting threat landscape. By working with a well-qualified MSSP, you also spend less time working on security issues and can refocus that time on your core business.

Leaders of the best MSSPs are cybersecurity experts, engage with highly skilled staff, invest in advanced technologies, and offer round-the-clock service and support. 

Six benefits you gain from engaging the right MSSP

Here are six key benefits you can expect from engaging with M3 Tech as your security partner:

1. A proactive approach to protecting your company and your data 

An effective security defense begins long before a thief has broken in and started wreaking havoc on your business. No one wants to experience that nightmare! 

Our experts will implement a strategic program using well-proven procedures to assess and test your system, identify weaknesses, and recommend improvements. Our focus is not just on preventing breaches but also on responding immediately and effectively in the event one should occur. 

2. A highly qualified staff, proven systems and technology 

Well-trained, experienced IT security specialists and modern methods are essential to staying ahead of the mushrooming global cybercrime network. 

We employ top-notch people and provide ongoing training. We also use sophisticated hardware, software and procedures to monitor your systems, analyze threats and quickly respond to any potential breaches. Our solutions and tools are updated and improved regularly. 

3. Security is an MSSP’s primary mission 

Security is a full-time occupation that demands a commitment to understanding evolving technology and constantly morphing threats. 

Our top priority is protecting the security of your IT systems and data. 

4. Expert risk and compliance advice 

Many businesses must comply with specific regulations and mandatory breach reporting rules. All companies can suffer fines, receive legal penalties and lose customers after data breaches. 

We are experts on U.S. and international IT risk management and industry standards. 

5. Budgetary accountability and cost-effective results 

In today’s highly dynamic security environment, changes are seemingly endless, occurring almost daily. It is challenging to budget and control IT security costs accurately. 

MSSPs, like M3 Technology Consultants, spread costs over a broader base than a single customer. Similarly, we make technology investments that an individual customer may find impractical or unaffordable. 

6. Automated reporting and regular security status updates 

You and your staff shouldn’t have to spend hours in meetings or waste time wading through complex, after-the-fact reports to try to stay on top of your security status. 

We provide automated reporting systems that regularly keep you abreast of your risk exposure, security posture and current priorities. 

Let us extend and augment your security team 

Whatever the need, our security experts can help you analyze your security risks and craft a cost-effective, multi-layered defense against cyberthreats.

Turn to an experienced managed security consultant. We can help you optimize your security protocols to mitigate the risks of cybercrime. Contact us today to get started.