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M3 Technology Consultants is your trusted local business continuity planning, and business continuity solutions and services company in the Manassas, VA area. Business continuity planning helps build competitive advantage, minimize downtime, and mitigate risks, allowing organizations to thrive. Contact us today and speak to a business continuity consultant.

Today’s organizations face an increasing challenge of managing complex business operations across multiple entities and environments (data centers, workstations, and the cloud). In addition, these same organizations must integrate business partners, customers, suppliers, and competitors into their ever-extending enterprise. Therefore, the need for effective business continuity planning and risk reduction strategies has never been so evident.

Organizations have different business continuity planning and management needs. Our experience across multiple industries gives us the authority and capacity to customize plans for complex business problems to meet concise solutions.

We offer a complete, tried-and-tested portfolio of business continuity planning and consulting services. We assess, implement, manage, and maintain your business continuity program’s maturity, efficiency, and sophistication. 


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What is Business Continuity Planning?

Business continuity planning involves creating a risk prevention and recovery system from a company’s potential threats. The plan ensures your personnel and assets remain protected and can continue operating during a service disruption. It’s a comprehensive plan containing contingencies for business assets, processes, human resources, and other stakeholders. 
Business continuity planning covers every business aspect at risk of disruption or attack. It also contains a checklist that includes data backups, equipment, supplies, and backup site locations. Unfortunately, many organizations do not address business process continuity and concentrate their efforts on threat mitigation and prevention.

How M3 Technology Consultants Helps You Adapt and Respond to Risks with Business Continuity Planning

We design effective and thorough business continuity solutions to address the real impacts of business operation downtime and outages. In addition, our consultants help mitigate inherent business, man-made, technology, and environmental risks.

Current State Assessment (CSA)

We assess the capability and maturity of your existing business continuity plan and other backup and restore programs as per industry best practices and standards. The current state assessment (CSA) will provide insight into detailed findings, allowing us to offer recommendations and metrics to improve your programs’ maturity and recovery capability. The next step is conducting a rigorous Business Impact Analysis – including your recovery strategy options. BIA helps align business requirements and compliance regulations with IT recovery capabilities. 

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

 Using BIA, we help identify critical IT and business processes essential to an organization’s business continuity. We also determine the qualitative and quantitative impacts of downtime and define target Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs).

Threat and Risk Assessment (TRA)

A threat and risk assessment (TRA) helps identify technological, natural, and man-made threats affecting critical IT and business processing facilities. A TRA assesses each threat’s probability, potential impact, and mitigation level. Once we identify critical risk and business exposure areas, we provide a detailed report outlining prioritized improvement recommendations. 

Why the Need for Business Continuity Planning?

Business disruption is quickly becoming the new normal in the business world. As a result, businesses suffer setbacks due to various issues, including system and network failures, cyber-attacks, natural disaster events, terror attacks, and even the death of key personnel.

For example, 2020 saw the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the global economy, brought specific industries to a standstill, and disrupted business for months.

Companies, governments, and non-profits have realized the essence of business continuity management. The goal is permitting ongoing operation, even when hit by an attack or unplanned disruption. At , we provide practical business continuity services and solutions to give businesses the competitive edge they need. 

Why Hire M3 Technology Consultants for Your Business Continuity Solutions?

M3 Technology Consultants is your go-to business continuity planning, and business continuity solutions and services company in Manassas, VA. Business continuity management helps mitigate operating risks and minimize downtime to build a competitive advantage. Are you looking for a trusted business continuity planning consultant? Contact us today.