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Office 365 is not about simply having an Office application and an email- Office 365 offers a wide range of features to enhance the productivity and mobility of your employees. Your files are protected in the cloud and are readily available when you need them. Important documents are secured by cutting-edge security and compliance practices to keep your data safe. We offer Microsoft Office 365 support and Office 365 consulting services to companies in Leesburg, VA. Our expert Microsoft Office 365 consultants can help you set up or optimize your unique Office 365 application.

M3 Technology Consultants Partners with Office 365.

As your Office 365 partner, we will help you select the best Office 365 subscription plan to fit your business. There are numerous plans available to all types of users, ranging from personal use to business use. There are subscription plans made specifically for SMBs, while some are designed for the enterprise level. Different packages have a feature available and different costs.

M3TC will consider your company goals and compatibility with your current systems and make a recommendation for the plan you need. We will help you reduce costs and improve productivity.

Migrating to Office 365 requires careful planning to make sure the migration does smoothly in all aspects, providing seamless and maximum value for your company.

For your continued use of Office 365, we are always available if you need help in maintaining, updating, patching and troubleshooting ongoing versions of Office 365. We provide support assistance to make sure your Office works appropriately and doesn’t hinder your employee’s tasks or workflow.

Contact us and get a free Office 365 consultation. We can set up an appointment to introduce you to how Office 365 can work for your business.

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