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M3 Technology Consultants specializes in providing functional spam filtering services in the Falls Church, VA area. Cybercrime is actively on the rise, and although most email platforms have features that can detect spam to some extent and block them, the capabilities of these platforms are limited. As technology advances, it becomes easier for hackers to infiltrate your systems. We can help you install protective measures to ensure that spam emails are unable to reach your inbox. Contact us today to speak to a spam filtering consultant. 

Stay a Step Ahead of Spam

One of the core features of a good email spam service is a high detection rate. On average, an individual receives about 100 emails per day. Research has shown that 85% of these emails are spam. Your regular email platform may not be equipped to prevent today’s sophisticated spam amidst its other core duties. 

This is why our spam filtering services exist. We have the capability to detect spam messages effectively and prevent them from entering your system. With this, you can rest assured that a significant percentage of the messages that have access to your inbox are completely spam-free.

You can devote less time to checking and deleting spam emails, thus, channeling time into more productive uses.

What does a vCIO do?

A Virtual CIO offers experienced counsel and direction to help a company take its operations to the next level.

After performing a gap and SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), they guarantee that all IT aspects of a business are working as efficiently as possible, reviewing the present status of a company’s technology and infrastructure and locating areas where you can save money.

Virtual CIOs then formulate long-term growth plans to ensure your systems are always operational and your staff has the resources to stay productive.

Experience the Best Spam Filtering Solutions

What makes a spam filtering service great? Here are some key features to look out for before choosing a spam filtering service. 

  • Ease of use: If the configuration is too difficult, then the filtering solution might not be used properly. This solution should be user-friendly and customizable to suit the users’ needs. 
  • Outbound email scanning: Some emails have been compromised and are being used to send spam through outbound emails. A good spam filtering solution should equally be able to fish out these compromised emails, detect the spam, and block it.  
  • Data Leak Protection: This is a recent feature in spam filtering. It allows tagging of user-defined keywords so that if an email contains these keywords, it is instantly flagged while passing through the spam filtering service. This way, confidential data can be properly protected.

Why Choose Us?

At M3 Technology Consultants, we understand the uniqueness of every business, and we personalize our spam filtering services to suit the specific needs of your business. Different businesses have unique needs. A few of the features we will utilize to protect your data are:

  • Advanced features: Whitelisting, Advanced Reporting, Outbound Scanning; Advanced protection: Double anti-virus protection.
  • Data leak prevention: We keep your data fully protected from losses.
  • Behavioral analysis to detect spam messages and block them.

Experienced Spam Filtering Consultants

Our consultants are experts in this field. We have years of experience and the skill and expertise required to proffer solutions to all spam filtering problems. We undergo regular training to keep us abreast of recent developments.


Ready to see what we can do? Our services are flexible to cater to all businesses. Whatever your needs, we have a solution for you. Contact us now.  


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