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M3 Technology Consultants is your trusted local technology support company in the Fairfax, VA area. We are a highly proficient technology support provider for both SMBs and larger organizations. When you partner with us, you will get professional, comprehensive technology support services that will help you achieve your business goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Business technology is a critical function for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), as an essential utility for some and a strategic advantage for others. In the past decade, new technologies have driven an explosion of innovative services and options.

Our technology services can help you optimize the benefits of your existing systems and those of emerging technology products and services.



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Managed Technology Services

As a managed technology services provider, we deliver a range of services to support your ongoing administration, operations and maintenance. Our service contracts may cover your networks, applications, infrastructure, user support, help desk, security management and more. Our services can be delivered at your premises, in your data center(s) or remotely.

Highly Qualified Technology Consulting Services

Our technology consulting services offer strategic advice and skilled expertise to help you assess alternative technologies and adapt solutions for your business needs. Our services may include research, capability assessment, strategy development, planning and implementation.


Reliable Technology Management

Servers and network devices have been the mainstay of SMB computing for many years. A May 2020 report by ZDNet indicates that despite growing interest in the cloud, 63% of SMBs use internal servers, either on-premise or in remote data centers, and 40% plan to purchase additional servers soon.

Supporting your technology and communications networks is the core of our managed services platform. You can count on M3 Technology to provide competent 24/7 management of your internal equipment racks, towers, data centers and infrastructure. 

We offer exceptional management for your full technology stack, including:

  • LAN or internet networks.
  • Internal servers and network controllers.
  • Firewalls and security devices.
  • Data storage and backup systems.
  • Software installs, patches and updates.
  • Logging, monitoring and responding to alerts and alarms.
  • Connected and IoT devices.
  • Backup power supplies.
  • VPNs and endpoints.
  • IT policies and procedures.

Flexible Service Desk Support

Supporting your users is critical to ensuring your technology assets are being used correctly to foster staff satisfaction and enhance productivity. Work-from-home requirements imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have introduced many new complications for providing secure end-user support.

As part of our technology support services, our well-trained help desk techs employ modern service management software and procedures to efficiently address user requests. We use the latest versions of sophisticated technology to help quickly address user issues without waiting for human intervention. We guide users to resolve common issues smoothly and quickly.

Outsourcing your help desk is not just a cost-saving strategy, but with our highly trained techs and efficient systems, you can expect increased expertise and faster response times.

Smartphone And Mobile App Integration

Smartphone and tablet adoption have virtually exploded since Apple introduced the first iPhone in 2007. Billions of users worldwide now have at least one smart device. A new movement called mobile-first advocates designing apps and services primarily for mobile devices rather than PCs.

M3 Technology’s technology support experts can help you develop and implement an optimal strategy for your company, one that considers productivity, cost, security, and your business and users’ needs. 

Server And Application Virtualization

Virtualization is a technology used for many years by larger organizations to drive more efficiencies from their technology investments. Essentially, virtualization uses special software to convert a single physical server into multiple virtual machines (VMs). This configures the server to perform many tasks concurrently, and because today’s computers are so fast, the processes appear to be occurring simultaneously.

VMs can be set up and configured quickly, and can be reconfigured or shut down equally promptly when no longer needed.

While technologies exist to virtualize most of today’s servers, your best approach may be to consider cloud-based solutions that allow you to lease preconfigured virtual servers, applications, databases, security and more on demand. 

Cloud Migration Strategy and Implementation

It’s hard to find anyone who doubts the cloud is here to stay. In January 2020, Information Age reported on the top 10 benefits of cloud computing, concluding that many companies are jumping on board because the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages, and it is now much easier to move to the cloud.

Many companies start with a hybrid approach. They move a few services, like email and office applications, to the cloud and leave their main production apps in-house until later.

Our cloud experts can help you select a cloud strategy that’s right for your business and provide ongoing technology support services that bolster your implementation team every step of the way. 

Data Analytics And Big Data

Companies are increasingly using internal data to track results and manage performance against KPIs.

However, modern data analytics has evolved beyond tracking and analyzing the past, to predicting future performance. Today’s analytics programs collect data from multiple internal departments, both structured and unstructured, including streamed data from website visits and social media posts, and external data from government or commercial sources.

Data is consolidated into warehouses and data marts, where sophisticated statistical analyses are performed. Then projections are generated and displayed on interactive, user-friendly dashboards.

Our team and network of data consultants can help you design your analytics strategies and data management programs. 

Cybersecurity And Data Privacy

Growing security challenges are crucial factors in every aspect of today’s business. Malware, phishing and ransomware attacks are producing huge yearly increases in the number of data and privacy breaches.

Your security program should not only employ strong technical controls but maintain a continuous program to educate users and reinforce the need for good security hygiene among staff, contractors, third-party suppliers and business associates.

Our security experts can help you analyze your security risks and craft a comprehensive, multifaceted defense against cybercriminals. 

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